With great technology comes great responsibility


The story of San Francisco’s tech boom is widely known around the world; the city’s Mission District, for better or for worse, has been at the heart of the many changes brought on by the tech industry over the years. Being that we at Jones IT are an IT consulting & services provider located in the area, we take special pride in helping the local community. We support organizations that share the benefits that technology brings while neutralizing the negative impacts. In our last blog, we featured Jones IT Founder & CEO, Evan Jones, and our community service involvement with three local nonprofits: Bay Area Warriors, Inc., “Mission Techies” of the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), and <dev/Mission>. For this blog, Marcell Urbina, one the newest IT consultants at Jones IT, tells his story of how he kick started his IT career with tech training from <dev/Mission>. They are a non-profit that aims to train untapped young adults for careers in technology in order to build wealth and prosperity in our local communities. This is the story of how he was able launch his career in tech with the help of the partnership between <dev/Mission> and Jones IT. Keep reading to hear about his “full circle experience.” 


Full Circle Experience


Starting out a couple months back as one of the newest consultants on the Jones IT team has been a great experience; however, my career with Jones IT didn’t start there. My Jones IT life instead started about 12 weeks before receiving my offer letter. While Jones IT’s bread and butter is to provide IT services to companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Jones IT also values giving back to our community and supporting the next generation of tech talent. That is where my experience comes in.


wealth and prosperity in our local communities


In the summer of 2017, I took a training program with a non-profit organization named <dev/Mission> that aims to train untapped young adults for careers in technology in order to build wealth and prosperity in our local communities. Evan Jones (Jones IT’s Founder & CEO), has worked with the Founder and Executive Director of <dev/Mission>, Leonardo Sosa, for many years and that relationship is still going strong to this day. Jones IT has donated many computers that has allowed many individuals experience with hands on training in the tear down of computers and rebuilding them successfully while being able to identify all components that make a computer work (e.g. Hard Drive, RAM, Central Processing Unit [CPU], Motherboard, etc.). I personally trained on the Jones IT donated computers during my time at <dev/Mission>. In fact, the first computer that I ever worked was a Jones IT computer!


working in tech within reach


Aside from donating computers, Jones IT has provided opportunities to cohorts of programs like <dev/Mission> to be able to tour the Jones IT facilities and even spend time with Evan and other managers. My first experience with Evan and Jones IT was in June 2017. After visiting a big name tech company, the <dev/Mission> cohort that I was a part of visited Jones IT and it was a breath of fresh air! The Jones IT staff was super welcoming and really made us feel part of the company even though we were just visitors. Evan was very social and answered all the questions my cohort had. He made everyone feel that working for a tech company wasn’t a long shot to begin with. Evan even took time after the site visit to talk to some of the cohort participants and answer any lingering questions that we had. That’s when I had the opportunity to speak with Evan 1-on-1. Shortly after the visit, we connected on Linkedin to keep in touch. I enjoyed the site visit to Jones IT so much that I kept an eye on their website for a possible position that I would be able to fit in after finishing the <dev/Mission> Program. 


networking works!


The day after my graduation from the <dev/Mission> program I sent Evan a message on Linkedin about an IT Consultant position that was posted on their website. By contacting Evan, I was looking at getting a little more information on the position; never would I have thought that Evan would have encouraged me to apply. But he definitely did! Once I applied, my journey with Jones IT began. Approximately three weeks after applying to the position and interviewing for it I received an email from Ersinan Csavosi, the head recruiter, with an official offer to be part of the Jones IT team.


partners in the community


Now as I type this from behind my desk in the Jones IT HQ, you may be wondering what’s the point of my story? Well first of all I enjoy working for a company that cares about its community here in San Francisco. Not only does Jones IT partner with organizations in the community but also believes in the individuals that are part of this community as well. As of this blog post, I have been here for almost half a year and having spent this time as an employee of Jones IT, I can share that it has been an amazing experience. I continue to hold the same positive feelings today exactly as I did during my first visit. The environment has not changed; it is extremely welcoming and my team members are open to any questions that may arise.

Every day I put to use the skills that I learned at <dev/Mission> but I also have learned additional expertise as part of the Jones IT staff. Aside from the team being welcoming, Jones IT makes sure that they set up new employees to succeed in this field. I am currently on track to test for my first certification with Jones IT. Jones IT is very supportive of its staff and wants to continue the advancement of the skillset of every individual that steps through its doors. They are committed to investing in every individual. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have been part of <dev/Mission> which lead me to my current position within Jones IT. This couldn’t have been possible without the commitment and partnership of both organizations who believe in the potential of the community. I look forward to continuing my journey in the tech field as part of the Jones IT staff and I hope to be able to open doors for others as both Jones IT and <dev/Mission> have done for me. 

We are proud to serve all types of businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area from start up to established. Of course, we love all of our clients but we hold a special place in our hearts for our non-profit partners. We are grateful to be able to clear away your IT obstacles so you can focus on making the world a better place!

Are you a non-profit organization looking to have access to best technologies available to the top businesses in the area? We offer special non-profit pricing plans for various budget levels to help with all types of projects such as WiFi upgrades, choosing a faster ISP, and moving your systems & backups to the cloud. Call or email Jones IT today!