Technology Needs of An Engineering and Design Company

Similar to any other modern-day business, engineering and design companies have also experienced a tremendous impact of technology in the way they work.

Some of the important IT elements of engineering and design firms are:

  • Digital Design Management - You will likely be using Computer-Aided Design applications such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, etc. for visualizing drawings and 3-D models and integrations from initial sketches to prototype to manufacturing or construction.

  • Document Control and Management- You need to maintain a secure and accessible database for all documents, designs, and product information.

  • Enterprise Resource and Planning- You will likely be using mid to small project management application in addition to work order management and/or asset management.

  • Conference Room- Zoom, Google Meet, etc. have become a standard feature for engineering and design firms for virtual collaboration with clients and distributed teams.

How Jones IT Helps Engineering Firms?

Jones IT helps you extract the maximum benefit out of your investment in technology. We provide IT support for all of your needs including:

  • Software deployment, license management, and troubleshooting.

  • On-premise servers and/or cloud storage.

  • Setting up and maintaining a robust network and WiFi infrastructure.

  • Set up and support your conference room equipment and applications.

  • Robust IT Security for helping secure your intellectual property (IP) and important project-related data.


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Benefits Jones IT Brings To Engineering and Design Firms?

We help transform the way businesses handle their IT- from firefighting issues to adopting a proactive approach. Getting proper IT infrastructure management and timely advice gives you the insurance that you need to work without stress, fatigue, or fear of downtime. A few of the many benefits that Jones IT brings you are:

1. Comprehensive Systems Support - We are your one-stop-shop for all IT needs. We are just a call away for troubleshooting even the smallest of problems. We provide remote desktop assistant as well as weekly on-site support for preventive maintenance. We provide support for your entire IT infrastructure including software applications, servers, and cloud storage.

2. Scalability - We understand that your IT requirement might fluctuate based on your projects. Therefore, we offer a simple tiered pricing model that is ideal for you. You can use as many hours as you want and the higher the use, the lower the rates become. You can scale up or down your hour usage as required without worrying about your IT operations.

3. Network and WiFi - Without a fast, secure, and stable network you will never be able to have a productive workplace. All your investments in technology will not give you the return you expect. Poor network and WiFi speeds are a drain on your productivity. We ensure that your network and WiFi is stable, runs efficiently, and is scalable. This, in turn, will allow you to extract the most out of your investment in technology.

5. Cyber and Network Security - The data that you have is probably your most valuable asset. Cyber-criminals may target your company to steal your intellectual property or other important data. We help you prevent such incidents by establishing IT Security best practices that keep your IT infrastructure and your data secure.