Technology Needs of Nonprofits

I’ve been doing this for a long time, but this is the first time I’m seeing mainstream technology have real applications for people with disabilities.
— Karen, SFCD

Karen works for SFCD, Support for Families of Children with Disabilities, a nonprofit organization that we support with their IT needs.

We all recognize that technology has changed the modern-day landscape. This is as true for nonprofits as for other businesses. There have been remarkable leaps in how nonprofits use technology from fundraising and outreach to realizing their core missions.

  • Cloud computing has made it possible for nonprofits to do more, from any device, any location in the world, and at any time.

  • Advances in data-analysis tools coupled with an abundance of data, helps nonprofits to better understand the impact and effectiveness of their work.

  • Mobile devices- smartphones and tablets are ever-improving in their functionality giving nonprofits greater mobility and flexibility.

Technology Challenges For Nonprofits?

Along with the benefits, technology also brings new challenges for the nonprofits. The key technology challenges being:

  • Responsiveness- Being able to keep pace with changing technology is a necessity for any business. But adoption of unsuitable technology solutions will negatively impact your business processes and services. In the long run, you will only accrue “technical debt”, which increases cost of operations and hampers productivity.

  • Data management- Poorly selected and unsuitable data management solutions can lead to an utter failure instead of a grand success. In addition, data security and privacy regulations that require mandatory oversight also pose serious data management challenges.

  • Decentralization- The modern day nonprofits likely work with distributed teams with flatter hierarchies. On one hand, this increases the reach and mobility of the teams. But on the other hand, it brings digital collaboration and security challenges.


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Benefits Jones IT Brings To Nonprofits?

We have extensive experience of working with nonprofits. In fact, Jones IT works closely with many nonprofits assisting them in their mission.

We help you deploy, operate, and maintain a scalable and efficient IT infrastructure. In addition, we take all the tedious IT tasks off your plate allowing you time to focus on making the world a better place. Partnering with Jones IT will help you reduce downtime, streamline your IT operations, and improve efficiency. We will help you overcome the technology challenges you are faced with in:

1. Responsiveness- We will help you keep pace with changing technology by proactively examining your existing IT infrastructure, making recommendations, and implementing the right technology solutions that best fit your unique business requirements.

2. Data management- Jones IT will help you select, manage, customize, and scale your data management infrastructure- physical and/or virtual. We will put in place comprehensive IT security, Data Backup & Disaster Recovery plans that will not only help to secure your data but also make your organization compliant with regulatory requirements.

3. Decentralization- We will help you extract the maximum benefits of a decentralized team while minimizing the risks. We ensure that your cloud solutions, SaaS platforms, and video conferencing equipment work perfectly to ensure seamless digital collaboration. In addition, we can also deploy an MDM (mobile device management) solution to safeguard your mobile devices against malware, and ensure data and network security.

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