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We all know how painful losing a device can be. Much more than losing the device, it is the loss of data that can put your life on standstill. Moreover, its impact on your business can be devastating. Backing up your data can save you precious time and money if your device is lost or broken. In case your device ever gets infected by a malicious software, you can restore your system and have your data safe and thus minimize its impact on your business continuity.

We ensure all your data is protected from the worst case scenario. We perform cloud and onsite backups as well as scheduled monitoring, testing, and maintenance. We prepare for everything by making sure you have a plan for data restoration and disaster recovery, just in case.

In case of eventaulities we can also help you with files recovery, hard drive (hdd) recovery.

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Data backup and security essentials

Data backup and restoration is an important element in your IT security strategy. A well laid out data backup plan can eliminate downtime keep your business functioning seamlessly even in the case of virus infections.
  • Do you have a secondary backup?
  • Does your system backup all files including server settings/filemaker database?
  • Is your backup process painfully slow?
Security is really hard. So hard, in fact, that it is a concern many companies come to us with at first. We invest a large portion of our time to staying informed and pass our findings onto our customers. Let our expert IT Consultants ensure your business continuity with a reliable and efficient data backup service. We will also prepare a plan and educate your staff about files recovery, and hard drive (hdd) recovery.

So how secure is your personal and business data? We offer onsite physical as well as cloud backup services to protect your data and educate your staff how to ensure business continuity in case of an attack in addition to having Secure Data Backups.

Here is what our clients have to say about us:

Jones IT are the best group of IT professionals that I have worked with. My company,, was basically pulled from the fire by Jones IT on several occasions.
— Zachary Arbore, Accounting Manager of
Simply put, without Jones IT, we would not be fully up and running at the rate we are expanding. Great guys who know what they’re doing!
— Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch
Not only do they provide super fast, friendly, and exceptional service, but they follow up with open tickets and check in regularly to make sure our team is being supported.
— Ashley Burrows, Operations Manager at Mindtribe Product Engineering