Naveed’s Bio

Hometown: Balkh, Afghanistan

Current: Fairfield, CA

Position: IT Consultant


Naveed joined us last year as an IT Consultant. With a background working in System Administrations with numerous multi-national companies, Naveed is bringing his experience to the SF tech scene. For being this month’s spotlight employee, Naveed will receive a gift card to Pancho Villa, one of our favorite burrito spots in the Mission! Take a look at the interview below and learn more about him.


Q: What interests you most about IT?

A: It’s an industry that is always in demand right now. IT is constantly growing and changing. Because of the continuous updates and improvements, it requires us to stay adaptable and constantly learning.

Q: What is your favorite work memory from Jones IT?

A: Every day is a good memory here, but my first interview is one of my favorites. I was able to meet with multiple consultants and the CEO, Evan.

Q: What is one of your favorite things/ passions outside of work?

A: I love swimming. I was consistently swimming back in Afghanistan and need to find a pool out here so I can continue doing it. I also enjoy reading history, especially about other countries.

Q: Any advice for aspiring IT consultants?

A: First, believe in your abilities. You have to know you can do it. You also need to be consistently improving and working on your skill-set. You want to be improving and learning every single day. IT is a continuous process and you need solid customer service skills as well.

Q: Best advice for start-ups/small businesses looking to improve their current IT setup?

A: Make sure your potential customers or clients are able to contact you. Get a solid phone, email, and network set up. With so many companies existing now, people are looking to those with the best customer service. Communication is key and everything else will grow from there.


If Naveed sounds like someone who can help with your IT issues, contact Jones IT today!