Agustin’s Bio

Hometown: Brentwood, CA

Current: Concord, CA

Position: IT Consultant


Agustin is one of our hardest working consultants. He has a drive to succeed in all areas of life. With a background focused in client relationships and customer service, Agustin would be able to help every one of your employees with their IT needs.


Q: What interests you most about IT?

A: IT is always changing and the growth potential is incredible. We’re still on the early end of its life and it’s moving so rapidly, I don’t want to get left behind. I also like being a part of the industry as a person trying to change the stigma of it. There are a lot of applications for IT, and we’re not just about tinkering with cables and computers.

Q: What is your favorite work memory from Jones IT?

A: When we went to Tahoe as a company. This is when I realized everyone could be themselves in this company, even management. That was comforting to see.

Q: What is one of your favorite things/ passions outside of work?

A: I really enjoy challenging myself, either physically or mentally. I like to see what I’m capable of and develop new skills/abilities. Riding 50 miles on a bike, teaching myself guitar, and more.

Q: Any advice for aspiring IT consultants?

A: Come into the industry very humble and ready to learn. You don’t know what you don’t know, and there will ALWAYS be things you don’t know. The field is a lot deeper than many think, so expose yourself to everything you can and see what you have a passion for!

Q: Best advice for start-ups/small businesses looking to improve their current IT setup?

A: Invest in IT early. It’s more than just connecting cables. Putting the infrastructure in early will help you avoid a lot of headaches and scrambling later down the line. It’s an integral part of a business and even though it’s behind the scenes, the pay off for a great IT department is huge.


If Agustin sounds like someone who can help with your IT issues, contact Jones IT today!