Chan’s Bio

Hometown: Fairfield, CA

Current: San Francisco, CA

Position: IT Consultant


Chan aka Chan the Man aka Chan the Man with a Plan, is an IT Consultant that everyone loves to work with. He brings a smile to all of our faces here at Jones IT. He’s an incredible storyteller, and is even better at explaining the most complex IT issues to our clients. Learn more about him below!


Q: What interests you most about IT?

A: I just grew up having a curiosity about technology. I was that kid that took apart our family’s first computer, an HP I think, and was just like how does this all work? That curiosity has never left me.

Q: What is your favorite work memory from Jones IT?

A: Damn, there are so many. The holiday party was amazing. But my favorite memory was completing a network upgrade with our engineering team. It was just an awesome experience that I wouldn’t be able to get many other places.

Q: What is one of your favorite things/ passions outside of work?

A: Fishing! Or just being outdoors in general. I definitely love snowboarding as well. But fishing is my favorite. I love getting out on the water, it’s so peaceful and you forget about everything.

Q: Any advice for aspiring IT consultants?

A: Start on anything, it’s all about taking that first step. IT is always changing. Get used to that. Stay on top of everything you can. Watch Youtube videos, read articles, and follow the major companies that are setting trends.

Q: Best advice for start-ups/small businesses looking to improve their current IT setup?

A: Educate your employees early on best practices. Everything starts with your users. Nothing is ever 100%. The best defense is knowledge. Educate your employees to limit their errors and you will have a lot less work and worries.


If Chan sounds like someone who can help with your IT issues, contact Jones IT today!