Maisie’s Bio

Hometown: Hong Kong

Current: Walnut Creek, CA

Position: Senior Consultant, Team Lead


Meet one of our Team Leads, Maisie! She has been and stays troubleshooting all kinds of different problems. Whether it’s working on her car, rock climbing, or solving IT issues for our clients, Maisie will find the solution. Learn more from a great example for all employees of Jones IT and beyond.


Q: What interests you most about IT?

A: I grew up working on computers and cars with my older brother. I also realized I loved problem solving by fixing our families computers so that I could play more video games haha. That directly translates to IT. I like making things work, and helping others figure out how to get it to work too.

Q: What is your favorite work memory from Jones IT?

A: During a client’s office move we were helping set up a brand new office. It was completely empty, except for a giant figure of Maui from the movie, Moana, that was hanging from the ceiling. It was so random, but we loved it.

Q: What is one of your favorite things/ passions outside of work?

A: If I’m not at work, I’m probably doing one of two things, rock climbing or working on my car, a Subaru WRX.

Q: Any advice for aspiring IT consultants?

A: The recipe to success is patience + perseverance. You have to be able to see a job through, even when it means trying 100 different things. Tech skills are easier to teach. But having the patience, perseverance, and intrinsic desire to solve a problem using different resources is key.

Q: Best advice for start-ups/small businesses looking to improve their current IT setup?

A: Two factor authentication! Look it up if you don’t know what it is. It’s super easy, anybody can set it up and it protects your email accounts. For a small company, your emails have almost all your vital information. It’s information worth protecting.


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