What is Gmail?

  • Email service provided by Google
  • Part of the G Suite (that also includes Contacts and Calendar along with others like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.)

What is Inbox by Gmail?

  • Also Email service part of G Suite
  • Treats email like To Do List & allows you to group similar emails in Bundles
  • Has features like Pins, Snooze, Done check mark, Bundles, and More...

Which one is right for you?

Check out this great video below from the Googlers themselves for a comparison of Gmail & Inbox.


What's so great about Inbox?

Update emails are nicely grouped thematically to see the entire picture.


What's so great about Gmail? 

It's easy to see every email that comes in.

Help me make my final decision!

INBOX = Automation (machine learning bundles & smart responses) 

GMAIL = Customizable the way you want it (themes & filters) 

  • If you are anxious about trying inbox, just stick to gmail, no worries…

USE BOTH = Not either or…you can choose what works best for the right situation

  • Use inbox on the phone & gmail on the desktop
  • Bounce between gmail when you need to access better search, labs, plug-ins then get back to inbox 
  • Try one method on your personal account and the other method for work to see which you like better