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Network Upgrade


Network Upgrade

Slow Wifi?

You're not alone. The most common calls we get are from businesses looking for help with their wifi. If your business is growing, you can't afford to have a bad wifi network. Slow wifi makes your employees less productive, hinders meetings, and causes frustration throughout the office. 

Wifi Can Be Challenging. 

When you have multiple employees connecting to the network, your wifi can be spotty even if you're spending a lot on your internet service. In a city like San Francisco, you're also competing with your neighbors to get a strong wifi signal.  

Getting your wifi network set up by a professional will help you get the most out of your internet service provider by diagnosing the root cause of your slow wifi. 

Let Your Team Do their best work.

Slow wifi isn't just frustrating, it's expensive. Every minute that your employees spend messing with a bad wifi connection or reloading pages costs you money.

Get Lightning Fast wifi. 

We can get to the bottom of your wifi problems and figure out the best approach to solve them. 

Our wifi upgrade package includes network diagnostics and recommendations on the best enterprise network hardware for your business needs and your budget.

We'll get you set up with the right hardware, the right internet service provider, and the right placement of wireless access points in your office to give you the fastest wifi you've ever had. 

We want every business in San Francisco to find a professional wifi network setup that works for them. That's why we encourage you to shop around and spend some time researching. If you're not sure your wifi is the source of your internet problems, then feel free to check out our blog post on wifi issues

We also made a helpful list of questions you can ask your IT provider before going through with a network upgrade. Just fill the form out on the right and we'll email it to you.  If you're ready for fast wifi today, get in touch with us using the form below or give us a call

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