Tech support for ISPs in San Francisco

Navigating the complex world of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) is a time consuming task. Not only do you need to choose the right ISP:
  • Monkeybrains
  • Fastmetrics
  • Webpass
  • Xfinity, and others…
But you also need to ensure that you have the right internet access for your business that is efficient as well as cost effective.

We have extensive knowledge of the ISPs and internet access services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most businesses that come to us usually suffer from one of the many issues arising from a poorly selected ISP and internet package.

Small business owners may use DSL, typically asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), cable modem, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) or fiber-optics. For businesses with higher requirements there are- higher-speed DSL, Ethernet, metropolitan Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, ISDN Primary Rate Interface, synchronous optical networking (SONET), and others.

Of all the options available do you know what is the best fit for your business?

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San Francisco’s ISP Experts

Our engineers are experienced in the needs of small-medium business owners. Our consultants will help you not only with the right ISP for your business but also the right internet package and equipment. Moreover, we have long standing relations with the various ISPs in the San Francisco Bay Area and therefore are able to negotiate the best deals for you. We help you resolve the following problems remotely and if need be onsite:
  • Connectivity Issues: Cover all issues regarding connectivity in Windows, Linux and Macintosh.
  • Username / Password: Lookup, reset, and advise customers on their username and/or passwords.
  • Navigation and Browsing: Support all popular browsers and navigation issues.
  • Hosting: Troubleshooting – check if webpage is up, ping and trace routes, reverse DNS lookup, and FTP support, rebooting servers, adding domains, changing passwords, reinstallation of FTP clients, etc.
  • Networking: We support all the common networking issues related to TCP / IP configuration, network adapter installation, proxy configuration and firewalls, and more.
Here is what our clients have to say about us:

Jones IT recently helped us move offices and set up a whole new infrastructure at our new location in downtown SF. Our IT consultant helped us pick out the right ISP, upgrade our wifi, and find a backup ISP so we aren’t at risk of losing downtime. Our team was able to get back to work without any issues. Everything was done on time, and more importantly, just right. I would highly recommend them for any office moves or IT support needs.
— Paul Kist, Traackr
Since working with Jones IT our needs have been met beyond our expectations... The stress level at work has decreased tremendously knowing that our office will no longer be taken down by a connectivity issue thanks to Jones IT. It’s been a pleasure working with the Jones IT team everyone we have interacted with have been so friendly personable and helpful.
— Vanina Parras, GLO