Technology Needs of Healthcare Companies

  • Infrastructure updates- Healthcare technology is rapidly changing and we help you keep pace with the changes. Jones IT will examine your existing IT infrastructure, make recommendations, and implement the technology solutions based on your unique requirements.

  • IT Support- We provide remote helpdesk and monitoring services as well as planned onsite visits. Our IT consultants proactively recommend upgrades and optimizations to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always in top shape and you never experience downtime.

  • Software and Applications- We provide support for all your software and applications, including:

    • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

    • Patient Scheduling Software

    • Clinical Documentation Software, etc.

  • Cloud- We can take your IT infrastructure to the cloud. This will help you focus on your core business by minimizing the IT obstacles associated with growing IT infrastructure. With the adoption of the cloud, your company will become more agile as you will be able to re-provision, add, remove, or expand your IT infrastructure resources with ease.

  • Data Security & Privacy- We help you secure your data with a comprehensive IT security, Data Backup & Disaster Recovery plans. With our IT security in place, your business will also be compliant with regulatory requirements.

How Jones IT Helps Healthcare Companies?

We have extensive experience helping healthcare companies with HIPAA-compliant IT support, especially in relation with

  • servers

  • customized applications support

  • hosted communication services (email & voice)

  • cybersecurity, and

  • disaster recovery

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Benefits Jones IT Brings To Healthcare Services?

We help Healthcare, Pharma, Medical and Life sciences companies to deploy, operate, and maintain scalable IT infrastructure. We take all the tedious IT tasks off your plate so that you can focus on delivering outstanding care. Partnering with Jones IT will help you reduce downtime, streamline IT operations, and improve efficiency. A few of the many benefits that Jones IT brings to healthcare services are:

1. Reduce Downtime - Jones IT will make your IT system less prone to downtime. We will ensure that your business is prepared to handle emergencies, and your business operations are able to resume swiftly.

2. Data Loss Prevention - Data is the most critical resource for your business. Loss of data causes long-term damage to your business as customers may never be able to trust you with their data again. Jones IT ensures that you have a robust Data Backup and Recovery Strategy in place so that you never face such issues.

3. Shorter Implementation Time of IT Projects - Jones IT helps you leverage our fast project implementation speed to respond faster to market opportunities. Our team of specialists are equipped to execute IT projects in shorter time, irrespective of the scale or complexity of the project.

4. Network Security- Protecting your IT infrastructure from cyberattacks is critical for the sustainability of your business. Jones IT will help protect your company’s IT infrastructure against malware, phishing, trojans, and unauthorized remote access.

5. Regulatory Compliance - Federal, state and local regulatory agencies have established rules and regulations for the health care industry that require mandatory oversight. Jones IT helps you stay compliant with acts such as HIPAA and HITECH that protect patient privacy, requiring healthcare organizations to implement measures to keep patient records secure.