Technology Needs of Law Firms

Today, technology is rapidly changing how law firms run and manage their practice by bringing new levels of efficiency and productivity. Technology is transforming security, billing, process management, collaboration, and data management of legal practices. Advanced use of technology has gone beyond mere preparation of court litigation and gives law firms a competitive edge over those that are slow to adopt these technologies.

Some of the technical requirements of a modern law firm are:

  • Practice Management System - Whether you use TimeSolv, PracticePanther, Clio, Bill4Time, MyCase, or any other software, their purpose is to streamline your daily operations and manages all aspects of your legal case so that your firm becomes more efficient.

  • Data Management System - Your data management system, whether it is the cloud or an on-premise server, should be readily accessible from any device, any location, and at any time.

  • Digital Collaboration - Decentralized or distributed teams are a modern-day reality for most businesses. While distributed teams bring with them many advantages, such as increased mobility and productivity, they also bring challenges related to digital collaboration and IT security.

  • Data Backup and Recovery- Data is your most important resource. In addition, federal, state and local agencies have established regulatory and compliance requirements dealing with the data storage, handling, and privacy.

  • Robust Network Infrastructure - A lot of the work of law firms revolves around electronic legal research. Legal professionals use a wide range of legal databases to perform research, verify case law, and track data. Therefore, a stable and uninterrupted access to the internet is a prerequisite for all legal services.


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Benefits Jones IT Brings To Legal Services?

We help transform the way law firms handle their IT- from firefighting issues to adopting a proactive approach. Getting proper IT infrastructure management and timely advice will give you the insurance you need to work without stress, fatigue, or fear of downtime. A few of the many benefits that Jones IT brings to law firms are:

1. Substantive software support- We provide comprehensive desktop support for all your hardware and software. Our team is just a call away if you need remote IT helpdesk support for even that little thing that is getting in your way. We also do weekly onsite support and take a proactive approach to IT to prevent downtime before it occurs. We are always there to deal with all IT-related issues so that you can focus on those time-sensitive legal cases.

2. Digital Collaboration- We will help you use technology to make the most out of your decentralized teams. We will ensure that your communication systems, email, and VoIP, as well as your SaaS platforms and Video Conferencing technologies work flawlessly.

3. Data Backup and Business Continuity- We will create a data backup and recovery plan designed specifically for your business and implement comprehensive backup and recovery solutions that will help minimize downtime and keep your business functioning seamlessly even in the case of a ransomware attack, virus infection, or a natural disaster.

4. Network and WiFi Infrastructure Management - We diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix slow network and WiFi issues to set you up with the right WiFi network for your team. We also perform network monitoring and set up alerts so we know if and when important services are offline. We will also source, install, configure, and support all the equipment necessary for high-performance, secure wireless networks.

5. Cybersecurity and Compliance - When your business is just starting, it is easy to fall into IT Security bad habits. Once you grow beyond a certain size these bad habits will quickly turn into a nightmare as data & privacy regulations and compliance requirements start to kick in. Jones IT will help establish IT Security best practices that will keep your IT infrastructure secure. We also help you avoid risk and ensure compliance even if the regulations turn on a dime.