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Whether you are a local business with global clients or a startup with distributed teams around the globe, web conferencing is a necessity you just can’t do without. We need technology for various collaborative activities such as peer to peer web meetings, webinars, webcasts, as well as the traditional tele and video conferencing.

However, instead of being an asset, most of the time video conferencing technologies can be a real hassle. Is your answer to any of the following conference room questions a “yes”?

  1. Your video conferencing equipment doesn’t function the way it was advertised to?

  2. Do a room full of people have to wait while you try to go live for the umpteenth time?

  3. Does your video freeze or become pixelated?

  4. Does your audio become faint, you hear echoes, or the audio drops off entirely.

  5. Do people in the meeting room talk over those who are remote, and vice versa?

  6. Does your screen sharing stop working when there’s a switch in presenters?

These may happen due to a variety of reasons:

  • wrong equipment,

  • poor setup,

  • network issues,

  • missing settings and/or codecs.

With the right conference room technology, the right equipment setup, and room layout, we can help you transform your meetings from being mediocre to spectacular.

We have a lot of experience with conference room setups and it is very likely we have seen it all. So rest assured, your conferences will not only run on time but your conference room setup will also be something you can brag about.


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Why Jones IT is the Best COnference Room Setup and Support Specialists in the Bay Area?

We make sure your meetings start on time and you don't keep people waiting while you try to figure out why your Polycom is malfunctioning... again. We are well versed and certified in all major conferencing systems including Chromebox for Meetings, Zoom Conferencing, and Polycom.

Keys to making a digital meeting succeed:

  1. Make sure that the video conferencing equipment is getting dedicated bandwidth.

  2. If you use G Suite, set up room resource calendars.

  3. Before the meeting, go through a checklist- check that all wires are plugged in and switches are turned on.

  4. Standardize your meeting room setups so that equipment don’t move from one room to another.

  5. Use a conference room layout style that doesn't obstruct the video display or the audio devices.

We can also set up digital signage and instructions, as well as train your team to use your conferencing systems. We have extensive experience in conference room setup and have transformed conference rooms from an ill-functioning mess of wires to a swanked conference room that just simply works every time.

Here is what our clients have to say about us:

We love Jones IT. They are easy to work with and work around our schedule. Most importantly they communicate. We aren’t kept in the dark and there is never a need to nag them to find out what is going on. We know what is going on with our tech because Jones IT makes sure of it. They handle everything from minor software issues to migrating our whole organization over to G Suite.
— Zerlina Vecino, Pillsbury & Coleman LLP
I love the Jones IT team and could not recommend them higher. For almost three years now they’ve helped us with router equipment & licensing connectivity issues and fiber infrastructure... Evan and his team are knowledgeable friendly professional and prompt. Above all the character of the team is of the highest caliber. It’s obvious that everyone loves working there and mutual respect abounds... Reach out to them and see for yourself.
— James Colligan, Sapho