Data Backup and Recovery Solutions in San Francisco

According to data collected by 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster. With rapid changes in storage technologies - HDD, SSD, and Cloud, larger and larger volumes of your data are stored in single device or location. Every week 140,000 hard disks crash in the United States. Moreover, there are other hazards to your data - accidental deletion, theft, ransomware, natural disasters, etc.

We ensure all your data is protected from the worst case scenario. We perform cloud and onsite backups as well as scheduled monitoring, testing, and maintenance. We prepare for everything by making sure you have a plan for data restoration and disaster recovery, just in case.

Data Backup and Recovery Solution steps you can adopt today

While you create a company-wide backup and recovery strategy, here are 3 steps for better data backup and recovery you can use right now:

  1. Create a clone, i.e. a bootable backup of the primary drives of your computers.

  2. Use the File History and Time Machine features available in Windows and Mac respectively to backup your files to an external drive.

  3. Use cloud services such as G Suite, Office 365, and Dropbox in conjunction with cloud backup services such as Spanning or Backupify to backup your data and system settings.

While cloud backup and sync services such as G Drive and Dropbox, data backup and recovery software solutions as well as on-site and offsite backups have their place, each on its own cannot ensure you business continuity in case of loss of data, system, or loss of location. There are a variety of eventualities that you need to plan for:

  • Loss of data

  • Loss of system

  • Loss of applications

  • Loss of business location

  • Loss of business operations

There are many more technical as well as business considerations before finalizing a data backup and recovery strategy.

A combination of on-site, off-site and cloud backups are necessary to ensure that not just your computers, but also your servers, systems, virtual machines, every mission critical system that is required to keep your business running is properly backed up. Further, you entire data backup strategy will not amount to anything unless you have an effective recovery plan. A reliable and efficient back and recovery plan is worth infinitely more than the time and resources you will spend on it as it will ensure that your business will be operational and productive even in the case of the worst disasters.

Why Jones IT is the preferred Data Backup and Recovery consultant in the Bay Area?

At Jones IT, data backup and restoration is an important element of our managed IT service. Loss of data is a business owner’s worst nightmare. Such a loss can cause irreparable damage to your business as even if you get back to current working levels, your customers may never be able to trust you with their data again. Given the risk loss of data poses, a reliable data backup and recovery solution is a must have for every business.

We know that a well laid out data backup and recovery plan can eliminate downtime and keep your business functioning seamlessly even in the case of disasters. We invest a large portion of our time to staying informed and pass our findings onto our customers.


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Our expert IT Consultants ensure your business continuity with a reliable and efficient data backup service. We offer onsite physical as well as cloud backup services to protect your data and educate your staff how to ensure business continuity in case of cyber attacks in addition to having Secure Data Backups.

Here is what our clients have to say about us:

We love Jones IT. They are easy to work with and work around our schedule. Most importantly they communicate. We aren’t kept in the dark and there is never a need to nag them to find out what is going on. We know what is going on with our tech because Jones IT makes sure of it. They handle everything from minor software issues to migrating our whole organization over to G Suite.
— Zerlina Vecino, Pillsbury & Coleman LLP
Jones IT recently helped us move offices and set up a whole new infrastructure at our new location in downtown SF. Our IT consultant helped us pick out the right ISP, upgrade our wifi, and find a backup ISP so we aren’t at risk of losing downtime. Our team was able to get back to work without any issues. Everything was done on time, and more importantly, just right. I would highly recommend them for any office moves or IT support needs.
— Paul Kist, Traackr