IT Inventory Management in San Francisco

We provide comprehensive Device and Inventory Management that establishes and maintains a centralized system of record for managing your entire IT infrastructure. We ensure that your IT asset inventories, whether physical, logical, or cloud, are accurate and up-to-date. A well maintained asset inventory helps you to increase efficiency and maximize productivity by getting clear visibility of your assets, which helps in planning and budgeting.

Our Device and Inventory Management system makes sure that all your devices- desktops to servers are in good order, and that your software is up-to-date. We pay attention to the minutest of details. You can rest assured, when we manage your IT, even the cables are tucked away neatly so that you get the office space you deserve.

We make sure that your employees are ready to go from day one. We can get their computers set up, recycle old user computers, set up cloud accounts, and handle any IT related processes when onboarding and offboarding employees. Your HR team will love us.

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The Device Management Expertise you need

Be a proud owner of an efficient and neat working place in the San Francisco Bay Area. Say goodbye to long lead times and excess inventory. Our device and inventory management offers:
  • Hardware inventory: devices are located, recorded, and updated automatically making it easy to document all your devices.
  • Software Inventory: We maintain an accurate profile of the software deployed on your devices.
  • Navigation and Browsing: Support all popular browsers and navigation issues.
  • Virtual machines and cloud inventory: We can run scheduled jobs to keep your devices up-to-date with the changes to your virtual and cloud environments.
  • Manage purchases and support contracts: We can centrally manage your IT assets- hardware, and software - schedule and track purchases, generate reports on asset types, monitor contract expiration and renewals.
  • Scalability: Our device and inventory management allows you to scale rapidly. Irrespective the size of your IT asset pool, our Device and Inventory management provides efficient and reliable performance.
Here is what our clients have to say about us:

Jones IT is the SWAT team of the IT world. I’m convinced that they’ve built up a team technically skilled IT professionals who also love working closely with clients while solving the toughest IT problems.
— Randy Ting, MindTribe
This is the best IT company and no need to look any further... They have helped us with the most complicated problems so there is not an issue too big or small for this team of genius. The best part is even when the problem is resolved they check back in to make sure everything is still working properly. Thank you Jones IT.
— Lina Yalda, Alegre Stockton