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According to CompTIA's IT industry analysis 33% of tech employers think that hiring will be moderately more challenging in 2018, while 15% claim it will be significantly harder.

Whether you are running a law firm, a nonprofit, or a startup, your focus should not be on IT management. Instead, you should focus on how IT can enable you to achieve your business goals. This is where Managed IT Services offer a practical solution.

Our team is just a call away if you need remote IT helpdesk support for even that little thing that is getting in your way. We also do weekly onsite support and take a proactive approach to IT to prevent downtime before it occurs.

should you Hire a managed it service provider?

Hiring external management for your IT operations is a big step for small business owners. The first step would be to determine how IT fits into your business strategy. It is always best to start with an IT plan.

Remember, all the technology in the world is not worth anything if it does not boost your productivity and help you achieve your business goals.

Rather than getting overwhelmed by the various IT challenges that your growing company will definitely face, a good plan will help you identify at which stage you will need to bring in outside help.  Whether you decide to retain IT in-house or hire an IT service provider, the decision should be made based on your bottom line as well as how IT impacts your core competency.


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Why Jones IT is the preferred Managed IT Services Company in the Bay Area?

Jones IT continues to be the preferred IT support provider to hundreds of businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our IT services deliver more benefits to our clients than is apparent to a casual observer. Some of the immediate benefits are:

1. Reduced Cost of Operations - As we mentioned earlier hiring tech talent is tough, moreover, training, and retaining IT staff is expensive, especially in San Francisco, and temporary employees don’t always live up to expectations. Outsourcing your IT operations to Managed IT service providers such as Jones IT lets you budget effectively by reducing human resources and administration cost.

2. Quality of IT Professionals - As a Managed IT Services provider, Jones IT, maintains a roster of highly qualified and certified professionals. Our IT consultants go through a rigorous training and certification process to ensure the best service for our clients. Jones IT has over one and half decades of experience in providing IT services to businesses.

3. Implementation Time and Efficiency of IT Projects - Companies that try to accomplish all IT activities in-house end up having much higher research, development, and deployment time. This ends up increasing their costs that either cuts into profit or is ultimately passed on to customers. As a quality IT Support provider, Jones IT has all the necessary resources to start IT projects right away. Not only do we have IT consultants with the right skills and experience but we also have long standing relationship with equipment suppliers that ensures lower lead time for equipment delivery. Irrespective of the scale or complexity of the project, our experienced consultants can deliver the project in a much shorter time than in-house IT teams.

4. Level the Playing Field - Small business owners on their own can never match the in-house IT support that large companies can afford to maintain. The cost of maintaining an IT department staffed with specialists in IT Security, Network and WiFi, Hardware, Software deployment, Inventory Management, and all other requirements of modern businesses is unimaginable for small businesses. However, outsourcing IT operations to Managed Service Providers enables small businesses to act “big” by providing them with the same level of expertise and technology that larger companies enjoy.

5. Cybersecurity and Compliance - IT Support providers manage much of your business risks as they are aware of the industry standards and requirements. By outsourcing your IT security to a qualified service provider such as Jones IT, you can rest assured that your IT security risks are minimized. Further, as the IT security experts it is our job to stay informed and therefore we are able to recommend how best to avoid risk and ensure compliance even if the regulations turn on a dime.

Here is what our clients have to say about us:

We love Jones IT. They are easy to work with and work around our schedule. Most importantly they communicate. We aren’t kept in the dark and there is never a need to nag them to find out what is going on. We know what is going on with our tech because Jones IT makes sure of it. They handle everything from minor software issues to migrating our whole organization over to G Suite.
— Zerlina Vecino, Pillsbury & Coleman LLP
Since working with Jones IT our needs have been met beyond our expectations... The stress level at work has decreased tremendously knowing that our office will no longer be taken down by a connectivity issue thanks to Jones IT.It’s been a pleasure working with the Jones IT team everyone we have interacted with have been so friendly personable and helpful.
— Vanina Parras, GLO