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When you invest in new software, you need it to deliver value as soon as possible. One of the biggest challenges in IT is one time delivery. In order to make your investment as productive as possible you need expertise in smart planning, bulletproof migration, and reliable risk management. Jones IT has over a decade of experience in software deployment practice.

Our software development consultants efficiently implement new technology - from configuration, integration, and deployment to data migration and asset disposition we do it all for you. We undertake all of the activities that make will make your software system available for use swiftly and seamlessly.

Software deployment processes consist of several interrelated activities with possible transitions between them. These activities occur at the producer side, consumer side or both. As every software system is unique, the precise processes of deployment or procedures do not have the “one size fits all” template. Jones IT has the relevant expertise as well as experience allowing us to customize the deployment process according to specific requirements or characteristics.

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San Francisco’s Software Deployment Experts

Deploying new software systems the first time is rarely the end of your deployment efforts. You require ongoing deployment and management. Jones IT helps keep your IT environment running at peak performance and efficiency by simplifying the deployment process.
  • Release- Jones IT will prepare your system, determine it has adequate resources to run the software, plan the deployment and document it.
  • Installation and activation- We will establish command, shortcut, scripts either manually or automatically and ensure a execution of the software.
  • Update- We will replace the older version of the software with the latest release so that you have an updated and well protected software. We do so unobtrusively so that you can continue with your work without any disturbance.
  • Version tracking- We provide automated version tracking and upgrading for your software packages.
Are you ready to deploy new technology without disrupting end-user productivity?

Here is what our clients have to say about us:

Jones IT are the best group of IT professionals that I have worked with. My company,, was basically pulled from the fire by Jones IT on several occasions.
— Zachary Arbore, Accounting Manager of
Not only do they provide super fast, friendly, and exceptional service, but they follow up with open tickets and check in regularly to make sure our team is being supported.
— Ashley Burrows, Operations Manager at Mindtribe Product Engineering