Teamwork makes the dream work. 

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Who we are is as important as what we do. We have a unique and eclectic company culture that produces a team that works hard, works smart, and perhaps most importantly - has fun.

Our team is our greatest asset and the true secret to how we make IT happen. We value a diverse team and it shows: our employees have roots from all over the world. We put a lot of thought into creating amazing culture by taking new additions to the team very seriously.  In fact, we care so much about hiring that we wrote several hundred words about it. 

We believe that taking care of our customers starts with taking care of our team. From day one on the job we are thinking about the employee experience. Scroll down to meet the team, our interns, and learn more about the Jones IT experience. We're always looking for new additions to the team, so feel free to take a look at our jobs and drop us a line.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Evan Jones

Evan Jones

Founder & President

Evan oversees the direction of your company's overall IT plan. His job is to find, research, and evaluate new (and old) ways that technology can help improve your business. His superpower is making the difficult seem easy and finding the right angle to approach problems. When he isn’t handling business with Jones IT, he is running his non-profit, Bay Area Warriors.

Andy Vo

Andy Vo

Director of Operations

Andy Vo a.k.a 'Make-IT-Happen-Captain', has been rocking the IT world since he joined our team and is passionate about helping everyone at Jones IT do the same. His superpower is the ability to identify any 90s R&B song within the first seconds of play and he has a near-fanatic love of BBQ and fantasy football, preferably at the same time.

Sarang Joshi

Sarang Joshi

Director of Engineering

Sarang is our networking wizard and resident ping-pong superstar. He loves listening to your issues and coming up with the most efficient fix. When he isn’t making your wi-fi run at warp speeds, he is out adventuring and jumping out of planes. He’s someone all of us go to for help at Jones IT and we highly suggest seeing what you can learn from him. Maybe even challenge him to a game of ping pong, if you dare...

Ersinan Csavosi

Ersinan Csavosi

Director of Growth

Ersinan helped start Jones IT in 2009 in Evan’s basement and leads our system & process development efforts. As an SF native, he’s our local veggie burrito expert. Growing up a refugee in the US has molded his values of compassion & empathy, which is why he’s obsessed with culture building and serving others. In his free time, you can find him trail-running and competing in 100-mile ultra-marathons.


Maisie Ho

Maisie Ho

Team Lead

Maisie has been tinkering with all things IT since she was a child. It started with computer issues and has now expanded to fixing her cars and solving rock climbing routes on the crag. Maisie is constantly learning and setting the bar higher for herself and her team.

Eric Banaga

Eric Banaga

Team Lead

Eric is the definition of a pro IT consultant. When he’s not wowing clients with a world-class customer experience, he’s devoted to exploring the Bay Area with his wife and daughters. Also, rumor has it that he can come up with a quote from the TV show FRIENDS for nearly every occasion, even while working on your computer. He enjoys disco bowling and documenting his outdoor shenanigans with his GoPro.

Anthony Bonilla

Anthony Bonilla

Team Lead

Anthony, one of our Team Leaders at Jones IT, has been leading since he was born. He started his professional career in education and even started his own tutoring company before transitioning to consulting roles and ultimately heading to the Bay Area to excel in IT. You can often find him tucked away at a coffee shop reading business books, attempting a PR at the squat rack, or gaming the night away.


Meet Our Superstar Team


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Edwin Gonzales

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jason ulit




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hari subedi


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